8 attackers attack victim during robbery in Bronkhorstspruit

8 attackers attack victim during robbery in Bronkhorstspruit
Photo credit: Pixabay

On Wednesday evening 2024 03 13 at about 21:30, A man arrived home, and parked his AMG Mercedes in the garage.

When he approached the house, he saw that the door was open. Approximately 8 unknown African males of which some was armed appeared.

At that time they have already ransacked the house.

He was assaulted with a firearm, and tied up after his phones and valuables including money were taken from him.

He and some workers were held up in two different areas, whilst the thieves who came prepared with two white bakkies of which one had a diesel bowser, stole some diesel (in excess of 2000 litres) and food from the houses, and fridges.

They fled the scene with more cell phones and also took the Mercedes as well as some spare tyres.

Someone managed to press the pannic button and JVR responded.

The perpetrators had already left when they arrived.

JVR managed to follow the trail of leaking diesel and informed SAPS when they arrived at the end of the trail in Zithobeni.

The Mercedes was also recovered by SAPS with the use of a Tracking device without any damage in Rethabiseng.

Source: Nuus/News S. A. deur/by Hunters for Justice SA

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