4 Primrose home invaders arrested

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4 Primrose home invaders arrested
4 Primrose home invaders arrested

Primrose police with the help of CPG security officers arrested four suspects for house robbery which occurred this morning at Linden Street Primrose.

The complainant alleged that four males entered his house and one armed with a firearm robbed them from items valued at R100 000.00.

A security officer who responded to the alarm was given a description of the suspects and patrol the area. At around 13:00 he notice four males who fit the description at Howick circle Sunnyridge.

He monitored their movements and call for back up. He noticed one entering a shop nearby while the other three walking along Koedoe road. He stopped the three and asked to search them. Two pleaded innocent while the third had a schoolbag and inside they found a firearm with live ammunition. He failed to produce a license of it.

When asked about it he said it belonged to the one who remained at the shops. The patrol vehicle passed and they asked for assistance and the one who remained at shop was also searched but nothing was found in his possession but he fitted the description of the victim of a house robbery, while the police were still there the victim of house robbery appeared and confirmed the suspects as those who robbed them earlier and the one who was at the shop was the one who pointed him with a firearm during the robbery.

All four suspects aged 18 – 30 were arrested and charged with house robbery and two of the four one had extra charge of possession of unlicensed firearm and live ammunition while the other was charged with an extra charge of pointing of a firearm.

The acting station commander Lt Col Mbazima Maswanganyi applauds the cooperation we have with security companies in our area. Together we will make Primrose safe. They were all detained at Primrose SAPS and will appear in Germiston Magistrates’ Court soon.

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