Freedom of speech in the New South Africa

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It is just fascinating how easily liberals back off when their own loydly voiced “principles” bite them in the back.

After the Penny Sparrow incident last year, radio prsenter Garreth Cliff tweeted that South Africans don’t understand free speech. This followed DA Leader, Mmusi Mainane’s, call for statements made on the social media, which could be regarded as racist, to be criminalised. That set the wheels in motion for the hotly debated new law on the criminalisation of racism and hate speech, which might reward any South African expressing an opinion, which is not to the liking of anybody from a different religious or ethnical background, with a jail term.

The tweet by Cliff resulted in him being sacked by MNet off the panel of judges of the “South African Idols” show. Cliff took MNet to court and won his lawsuit.

In hindsight though, he says, he won’t defend free speech again because of the price he had to pay for defending his beliefs.

With liberals backing off the moment they have to defend their “strong” convictions and opposition political leaders calling for people to be sent to jail for voicing their opinion, it is doubtful that freedom of speech has a long life expectancy in the New South Africa.

Freedom of speech in the New South Africa – Image – Front National

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