Weekly operation nets 750 suspects, Free State

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Weekly operation nets 750 suspects, Free State
Weekly operation nets 750 suspects, Free State

High-density operations continue throughout the Free State province, and this week more than 750 suspects were arrested.

These multi-disciplinary approach operation results are from 28 May 2023 to 4 June 2023.

The focus is to address crimes such as possession of illegal firearms, where three were arrested and two were arrested for possession of ammunition. Police arrested 67 people for possession of dangerous weapons, 52 for dealing in drugs and two for possession of gold-bearing material.

Seven people were arrested for murder, nine for attempted murder, 52 for driving under the influence, five for armed robbery, one for rape, 20 for burglaries, 167 for assaults and 30 for malicious damage to property.

Police arrested 122 suspects for contravening the Immigration Act.

Detectives arrested 130 suspects during the tracing operation. More than 80 others were arrested for crimes such as contraventions of the Road Traffic Act.

Police confiscated 41.8 kilograms of copper, 13 rounds of ammunition and drugs such as dagga, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, nyaope and mandrax. Two vehicles used in the commission of a crime were also confiscated by the police.

These operations are ongoing, and they are done throughout the province in an attempt to get rid of criminal elements in our communities.

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