Slick operation sees farm attack, business robbery averted, Kroonstad

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Slick operation sees farm attack, business robbery averted, Kroonstad
Slick operation sees farm attack, business robbery averted, Kroonstad

A joint operation between the ‘Knock out’ team, the District Task Team Welkom, SOG and Combined Private Investigation of Kroonstad on Saturday 5 December 2020, at about 10:30, averted a planned farm attack and or business robbery. The team received information from the District Task Team of Welkom and SOG Welkom of a possible farm attack at the farm Vlak Vlei or possible business robbery at Kroonstad.

Information was that nine African males were planning to execute a farm attack at one of the farms near Bothaville or a possible Business robbery in the Industrial area of Kroonstad. According to the information these suspects were meeting at Casablanca a tavern in Kroonstad to finalize their plan.

The Knock Out Team responded to Kroonstad, on their arrival the team were briefed about the possible farm attack and possible business robbery. Some members were posted in civilian clothes inside Casablanca tavern to observe the meeting and others were strategically posted around the tavern to observe the vehicles that the suspects were going to use, namely a white Toyota Fortuner with Reg. No: HGP904FS , a Silver Mercedes Benz with Reg. No:DM 47XM GP.

As soon as the meeting was done the team split into two groups, first team followed Toyota fortune and second team followed silver Grey Mercedes-Benz. At about 21:30 the teams stopped the suspects vehicles and arrested 9 African males in total for Conspiracy to Commit a crime and two other suspects are also charged with possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

Items recovered were:

1.1x 9mm pistol with one magazine and (15x 9mm)ammunition
2.1x Toy gun
3.7x Cables ties
4.1x Brown sellotape
5.1x Balaclava
6.2x Hand gloves
7.1x SAPS face mask
8.2x Handcuffs

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