Police investigations under suspicion

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Police investigations under suspicion
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A Bloemfontein man was attacked at his home and severely tortured, and he was burned with an iron, and finally robbed of money and diamonds.

The police investigation apparently only stated the crime as a matter of robbery, while aggravated assault or even attempted murder is not being investigated.

There are more and more cases of this nature that occurs, and as certain crimes fall into a specific category, according to police statistics, therefore the real crime is not portrayed in the country.

Two suspects dressed in police uniforms were responsible for the situation in Universitas Ridge, Bloemfontein. The victim said he was convinced that even though they were bogus police officers, they are in fact related to the police. The pair both had police dockets, police identity cards on them, and were armed with pistols.

They tortured him and burned him with a hot iron forcing him to open the safe. They assaulted the man and his son before they tied the two men up, and fled with valuable goods, including money and diamonds.

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