Gang brutally assaults small business owners with guns and hammers – Bloemfontein

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Gang brutally assaults small business owners with guns and hammers – Bloemfontein
Gang brutally assaults small business owners with guns and hammers - Bloemfontein

#BLACKWAR CONTINUES UNABATED: This is what “our people” do to the white minority in South Africa, they prey on us everyday, our lives mean nothing to them, each and every day we see another incident in the media where a white person has been murdered, raped or beaten to a pulp by “our people” for something as little as a phone, everyday “our people” prove beyond a reasonable doubt why we were never supposed to live with them, the only result of us living with them will result in our slow painful genocide at their hands. We can see it right now. We just have to observe what is happening each and every day in South Africa.

This is the rainbow South Africa, where the colour red represents the blood of the minority spilled by “our people” everyday.

Attack last Thursday in Bloemfontein:

Time stood still for Le Roux Venter, a businessman in Bloemfontein, last Thursday when an armed black man pointed a firearm straight at his head and pulled the trigger three times but the firearm failed all three times. That saved his life. Venter told the media that he had to act quickly after the gun failed for the third time.

He slapped the gun out of the attacker’s hand but another attacker knocked him unconscious from behind with a hammer blow to the head.
Venter said the incident began when builders came to him and told him there are five black men with guns on the yard of P&M Scrapyard which is the business next to his own, Cred8 STEEL and Manufacturers.

Venter said he moved in a careful way to investigate but was met by one attacker with a firearm who took his cellphone. The attacker then took a step back and pulled the trigger. Venter said he could hear a click but no shot went off.

At that stage the attackers already attacked two men working at P&M Scrapyard and beat them unconscious. They are Petrus van Zyl, the owner and Neels Bam, an employee.

At that point Mr Van Zyl woke up and came to help Venter. Bam was still unconscious. The attackers then left with R6000 in cash they robbed and three smart phones. The three men were helped by estate agents in the area who had a medical background. Venter sustained concussion and had to be hospitalised at Busamed to get stitches to his head wound. Neels Bam also had a big hole in his head and had to go for scans.
Petrus van Zyl also had a head wound but mainly had neck pain afterwards.

Venter says he now lives in fear because he does not know if the attackers will come back..

This is how most white people live in South Africa today, forever afraid of when “our people” come with a hammer, a knife, a gun or anything that hurts.

This is the ” rainbow” nation the liberals of the world wanted and promised us.

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