Five ‘Born To Kill’ gang members arrested, Bloemfontein

South African Police Service

Five ‘Born To Kill’ gang members arrested, Bloemfontein
Five 'Born To Kill' gang members arrested, Bloemfontein

Today members of the Crime Prevention Task team (COCC) and Visible Policing received a tip off whilst policing public parks where people are gathering to enjoy the festive season holidays. The task team followed up on information and went to Tambo Square informal settlement and found five males at a shack.

Members searched the premises as there was a suspicion that the dwelling is used for criminal activities by members of the notorious gang called BTK (Born-To-Kill) to hide stolen property.

Various items were found and confiscated. Five males aged between 23 to 27 were arrested for possession of presumably stolen property.

The Police will also look into the profiles of the suspects to verify if they were not involved in other crimes previously. The suspects will appear in Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 18 December 2018.

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