Brendin Horner: 1000’s of people pour into Senekal

Oorgrens veiligheid

Brendin Horner: 1000’s of people pour into Senekal
Brendin Horner: 1000's of people pour into Senekal. Photo's Oorgrens Veiligheid

1000’s Of concerned South Africans poured into Senekal in the Free State province of South Africa, on Tuesday 6 October 2020, where the two savage murderers of Brendin Horner are appearing in court. The objective of this mass protest is to show support to the Horner family and to take a stand against farm attacks, farm murders and the onslaught against the white minority in the country. The ANC government and the SAPS are turning a blind eye and are accused of complicity. People have had enough and are making their voices heard.

Brendin Horner (21) was attacked, tortured and brutally murdered on on the De Rots farm in Paul Roux, on the evening of Thursday 1 October 2020. Horner’ body was discovered on Friday morning 2 October 2020, he had been tied by his neck to a pole and had been severely tortured, beaten and strangled to death.

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