Farmer tortured for more than an hour during farm attack

Farmer tortured for more than an hour during farm attack
Farmer Johan Grobler tortured more than an hour during farm attack

Johan Grobler of Klipfontein, Kendal, near Witbank was attacked on Thursday July 9, 2015, at 11h30, in broad daylight by five blacks.

They stalked him and his worker, a Zimbabwean where they were busy grinding corn.

They repeatedly kicked him and hit him with a batten. He begged them not to kill him. They tortured him for more than an hour after they first tied his hands and feet with wire.

Then they dragged him from the workshop to the house, about 30 meters, and demanded money. He told them where the money was, but they were not satisfied and switched on the kettle to torture him with boiled water.

Fortunately they took all they wanted and fled with his bakkie. After they were gone, he managed to untie his feet and stumbled for about a kilometer to a neighbor, Melinda Lotter, with hands still tied behind his back.

Melinda and another neighbor rushed him to Wilgers hospital in Pretoria.

Nothing was broken and he was sent home after being treated. On Monday he could no longer bear the pain and nausea and was re-admitted in hospital with internal bleeding and went straight to ICU for an emergency operation. They had to remove his spleen.

On Tuesday night he was much better.

First person account by neighbor Melinda Lotter

Source – Boere Krisis Aksie

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