Farm murders, not false news and not misinformation

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Farm murders, not false news and not misinformation
Farm murders, not false news and not misinformation. photo: CICA

62 year old South African farmer Riaan Scheepers died in December 2017, after a weeks long battle to stay alive following a savage beating from attackers.

A message from his daughter Bianca Scheepers shared on WhatsApp‚ states: “Papa went to a better place this afternoon at about 5pm. One of his lungs struggled to get air and let enough oxygen into his blood. His heart was too weak to work anymore. We want to thank everyone for all your concern‚ prayers and support during this time. We value it.”

24 year old‚ Siphamandla Petse‚ was arrested in connection with the attack. The initial charge against the suspect was “house robbery” Police recovered several items of clothing, as well as Scheeper’s cell phone from the suspect.

Maybe those who have been denying the vicious beatings and murders which are happening can answer how this is “false news” “misinformation” or “not true”?

Peter Dutton – You recently spoke against the murders happening in South Africa. Thank you. Someone is murdered every 24 minutes in South Africa and the statistics are being hidden by government.

Ex President Jacob Zuma listened to “sangomas” who were false and dishonest, and he repeatedly told his followers that if they do not violently avenge the treatment which their ancestors experienced during colonisation then the ancestors will be angry. To put this in context in South Africa, the ancestors are god. South Africans religiously pray backwards to dead ancestors instead of forwards to a faithful hopeful new life.

There is no term such as RIP in South Africans vocabulary. They would rather disturb the dead and keep the anger and backward thinking alive – which in turn delays evolution.

This is a crisis which will eventually collapse the South African economy leaving more than 50 million people starving and looking for refugee status in 1st world countries. Please ignore those who are brainwashed against the reality of what is happening – Please keep speaking out to bring awareness to the crisis in South Africa.

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