Farm attacks a ticking time bomb

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Farm attacks a ticking time bomb
Mr. Jan van Niekerk - Image - Die Vryburger

The most recent farm attack in the Free State of Mr. Johnny Muller and his family from Frankfurt was condemned by the FF Plus with the greatest disapproval.

Mr. Muller was attacked on his farm this weekend and shot in the face. He will be operated on later after he was shot above his eye. He is in a stable condition in the hospital.

The FF Plus is extremely concerned about the increase in farm attacks in the Free State and across South Africa, said Mr. Jan van Niekerk, FF Plus leader in the Free State.

“The ongoing farm attacks with little or no real efforts by the ANC government to cope with the attacks are a time bomb ready to explode. To say farmers and society are fed up about the killings is putting it mildly.”

“Communities are increasingly organizing themselves in rural and urban areas to offer resistance to the senseless and brutal crime, which is becoming increasingly cruel. The FF Plus welcomes any action by society to defend themselves as long as it is within the framework of the law.”

“The FF Plus helps communities organize themselves with systems that make rural and neighborhood security safer.”

“Farm attacks are accompanied by the enormous cruelty that raises the agricultural community against cheap jousting from the government side that tries to drown the severe crisis and generalize it into ordinary crime.”

“The FF Plus has said in the past that it is clear that society has been left to their own mercy, as the government does not have the political will to fight farm attacks. Farmers must take note of this and be prepared at all times and make themselves resilient,” said Mr. Van Niekerk.

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