Famine and failed communist policies: TLU SA stresses Zimbabwe lessons to ANC

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Famine and failed communist policies: TLU SA stresses Zimbabwe lessons to ANC
Famine and failed communist policies: TLU SA stresses Zimbabwe lessons to ANC

The ANC and its cohorts have beaten a path to Zimbabwe in the past to learn how to implement expropriation without compensation locally. It would be a good idea if they visited Zimbabwe again now to see first-hand the disastrous famine, caused by failed communist policies, that country is experiencing.

“South African citizens can prepare themselves for the same outcome if the communist ANC is allowed to continue with its ignorant arrogance,” says Johan Steyn, Regional Chairperson: TLU SA Eastern Cape.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing an ever-increasing emergency where, besides its numerous other own induced crises, food for the citizens of that blighted country is practically impossible to obtain,” he says. “This is the direct and unavoidable result of its theft of commercial farming land and the murder and expulsion of farmers and their families. This all under the malevolent eye of Robert Mugabe, hero of the ANC.”

South Africa has long since passed the point of no return where its growth is based on sound economic principles, where its agricultural sector can provide food and fibre for all its citizens. The crisis in Zimbabwe is a mirror image of the worsening situation in South Africa.

“In Zimbabwe, most bakeries have closed shop due to wheat being practically impossible to source,” he explains. “Of course, the 15 hour per day electricity outages only exacerbate the crisis. Compounding the problems of the destroyed economy is the lack of foreign currency to import wheat and other grain. According to the Bakers’ Association of Zimbabwe, the bread price doubled within a few days. Delivery vehicles are attacked and plundered of their load of bread. No economic production on a commercial scale takes place in Zimbabwe any longer.”

Zimbabwe has significantly better agricultural conditions like higher rainfall, more fertile soils and a moderate climate compared to South Africa with its roughly 12% arable land. Despite this, Zimbabweans are caught in a desperate famine engineered by their own government.

“Locally, thanks to an agricultural sector that has to deal with, among others, ever increasing farm attacks, a ruinous drought and a blatantly antagonistic government, consumers still have a dizzying range of top-quality affordable food from which to choose,” Steyn says. “However, given the ANC’s persistent and continuous efforts to hamstring production, this situation will not last indefinitely.”

The ANC has run out of money, tax income will not meet budget and never-ending rescue packages to failed state entities have become the norm. Further, a deteriorating exchange rate makes imports required to support an imploding economy, ever more expensive. No economy can withstand these body blows indefinitely.

“By ignoring basic economic principles, the people of Zimbabwe are reaping an economic whirlwind of disastrous proportions,” he says. “Many have fled to South Africa where South African farmers, against all odds, can feed them, along with every other inhabitant of this country.

“Unfortunately, the ANC remains stubbornly committed to its failed ideology. Where will the people of this country flee to when these basic economic principles make themselves felt in full force?

“A hungry population is a revolutionary population. Daily we witness the destructive behaviour of an entitled citizenry. Famine will drive them to ever greater destruction.”

Every farmer should secure his farming business against the approaching storm through radical economic approaches that are contrary to accepted norms used in developed and stable countries. A conservative approach aimed at survival rather than expansion and the use of appropriate business and financial technology can assist in this regard.

“To believe that the ANC will change its plan is foolish,” he warns. “Their NDR – National Democratic Revolution – and Strategy and Tactics documents clearly detail their communist policy. We would be making a gross error in believing that negotiation and discussion will cause them to reconsider their catastrophic ideology.”

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