Failure of ‘land grabs’ in South Africa clearly visible

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Failure of ‘land grabs’ in South Africa clearly visible
Failure of 'land grabs' in South Africa clearly visible - Image - Die Vryburger

The Communist-led regime’s goal of transferring more than 2 million hectares of agricultural land to blacks before the end of 2019 is an untenable goal.

The remark was made by an economist of Transvaal after the department submitted a report to the parliament on land reform.

Experts point out that the regime already has in its junk status, minimal funds, even though its land valuations would be much lower than its real value.

He said it is an example of the misleading statements made by government officials with the apparent purpose of consoling voters over land ownership.

The government would have achieved more than 60% of its target if it transferred the 2 million hectares to blacks in the country in two years.

Since the target was set in 2014 and “purposefully” was working to reach the goal in 2019, the parliament heard the shocking news that only 800 000 hectares were transferred, which represented just 40%.

With the weaker economic ability due to corruption and mismanagement, there is no possibility of achieving the goal, and it can be expected to be one of the many failures that have become commonplace in South Africa.

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