Facebook bans White nationalism

Facebook has banned white nationalism

Facebook bans White nationalism
Facebook bans White nationalism

Facebook has banned white nationalism and Donald Trump has tweeted “I will be looking into this! Stop the bias.” This after Paul Bedard, Trump’s social media chief was silenced by Facebook. Facebook censorship is revealed in two recent videos at the end of the article which cover the issue and how this is affecting all countries around the world. Is civilization is being destroyed?

Alexander Mercouris takes a look at US President Trump’s tweet. Are we finally about to see the Trump White House move to punish social media outlets for their blatant and bias censorship of alternative narratives that dare to stray from globalist neoliberal and radical left ideology?

In the Jeff Censored! video he says “you can not have pride in being white, because that means you are definitely a racist and definitely part of a hate group. Blacks, who are allowed to say anything, are encouraged to have pride but not white people.”

The left narrative that white people are the enemy is destroying all structures around the world. Civilization is being destroyed!

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Will The Trump White House finally punish Facebook for censorship?

Facebook bans White nationalism, Separatism

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