Expropriation without support, the end result is disaster

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Expropriation without support, the end result is disaster. Photo: FNSA
Expropriation without support, the end result is disaster. Photo: FNSA

The land has been expropriated and handed over to the black farmers. The white farmer left the country, he emigrated to Australia or Russia. There is nobody to provide the necessary skills to the new owners of the land, and no support to keep the farm running. With the resulting food crisis, government has to borrow even more money to import food, meaning that vital provisions are impossibly expensive and inflation outrageously high.

And this is already starting to happen, even before the amendment to Article 25 has been implemented.

Ronnie Matshaya was a bodyguard to former president Mandela and also to Chris Hani. He is an old MK veteran who returned after the “struggle” with no skills and hardly any education. On 16 December 2015 government presented him with a 2600 ha farm near Kokstad, which he called Kela.

The Eastern Cape government paid R46 million for the farm and made provision in the budget to settle the bill for electricity for R400 000 and another for R80 000 for water supply. The R480 000 “disappeared” as a result of corruption. Another R7 million was paid for irrigation pivots, but these arrived without electric cables and are therefore useless. Ronnie says they did not receive a spade or wheelbarrow, nor any skills to teach them how to farm.

They knew nothing about planting potatoes, because all they ever planted were landmines in Angola!

After three years the farm is derelict and no work is being done on it.

Ronnie now claims that government is deliberately setting up black farmers for failure wanting them to abandon the farms after a while in order to then hand over the farms to their bigwig comrades and cadres in the ANC. The only source of income Ronnie could think of, was to try and rent out grazing rights to neighbouring farmers, but the Department stopped that as well.

This is but one of many similar stories of once prosperous and productive farms declining into a wilderness again and standing as monuments of the destructive failure of Cyril Ramaphosa’s policy. A new communism, an old result and a Zimbabwe scenario all over again.

Can it be changed? Highly unlikely. Land expropriation will happen. The unholy trinity of the ANC / EFF / SACP will not be stopped.

But they can be bypassed through the creation of self determination for the Afrikaner people and the farmers who form the backbone of our nation. And THAT is the sole purpose for the existence of Front National SA.

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