Expropriation: A stern warning to the ANC

Opinion by Front National SA

Expropriation: A stern warning to the ANC. Photo: FNSA
Expropriation: A stern warning to the ANC. Photo: FNSA

The right to own your property and protect it against criminal acts is a fundamental human right.

The proposed plan to amend section 25 of the Constitution of South Africa to allow the property of white people to be expropriated without compensation is an act of theft and thereby criminal in nature. It is against all acceptable moral, judicial and human rights standards.

The white farmer and the white property owner in South Africa has in his possession the title deeds and documents of ownership for his property and he will defend that.

Front National wants to issue a stern warning to the ANC:

Consider this plan very carefully. If the ANC wants to be recorded in history as a movement who “liberated” their people, they have to think twice now. If they proceed with this plan, they will in fact stand recorded in history, along with Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF, as the organisation who dragged their country into a race based civil conflict which will lead to tremendous suffering for all and be of benefit to nobody.

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