Europe is getting tired of Africa’s ways

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The German ambassador to Zimbabwe, Thorsten Hutter, put his foot down in Zimbabwe and yesterday reports surfaced that Hutter has made an appointment with the Speaker of the Zimbabwean Parliament after Zimbabwe sent a request to the European Union to talk about the possible lifting of economic sanctions against the country.

Hutter told the Speaker that Germans invested a lot of money in the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe after independence and were chased off their farms along with other whites. The solution, according to Hutter, is simple: we can look back at our approach to Zimbabwe once you have compensated the Germans whose property was taken away.

So: pay compensation before you ask for a relaxation of sanctions.

Zimbabwean Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa says Zimbabwe is committed to compensating every white farmer who lost his land as soon as the country’s finances improve. The money is just a little low.

Ambassador Hutter’s claim comes amid rumors that Mugabe plans to expel the last few white farmers in Mashonaland before the end of 2017 from their farms.

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