‘Equity’ is just a word

Opinion by Front National SA

There is no equality in South Africa. It exists on paper and in ANC / DA propaganda only.

The policies of BEE and Affirmative Action, established 24 years ago to benefit the MAJORITY population (which is unique in itself as everywhere else Affirmative Action is designed to protect the MINORITY of the population) made sure that opportunities for members of ethnic minorities in this country is virtually non existent.

The international recruitment firm, TTS, advertises a training programme for an airline pilot, providing that he must be black.

Not white. Not coloured. Not Indian. Not Khoisan. Not Afrikaner. Not Boer. Not English speaking white South African.

No mention of previous qualifications, learning assumed to be place nor any other criteria, apart from being black.

Why they use a picture of a white pilot to advertise the opportunity is equally baffling.

But there it is. The only thing you need in the “non racial, equal opportunities” New South Africa is to have a black skin.

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