Elderly woman stabbed by robber entering through roof

Elderly woman stabbed by robber entering through roof

Mooinooi – An elderly woman and her son were attacked in their home on a smallholding shortly before midnight on Sunday February 7, 2015.

The smallholding is situated between Mooinooi and Majakaneng. Several other burglaries were recently reported in the area.

Ms. Enis the Swardt (73) and her son, Pierre (53) were in their bedrooms when a suspected robber came through the roof of the house at 23:30.

Capt. Pelonomi Makau provincial police spokesman said the robber apparently jumped the fence, climbed on the roof and removed roof tiles to gain access to the house.

The De Swardt’s house is in a remote location with no other houses nearby. At this stage, the police does not know how he entered or later got away from the smallholding.

The robber armed with a knife, had tied a cloth over his face. He went into Enis’s room and stabbed her with a knife next to her left ear in the face.

Pierre heard his mother screaming and went to investigate. The attacker fled when she screamed.

Pierre took his mother to hospital and then called the police.

Makau said it is uncertain whether anything was stolen. The man also did not demand anything from his victim.

Police are investigating a charge of robbery. No one has been arrested.

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