Police arrest 26 suspects in Buffalo city

Police arrest 26 suspects in Buffalo city
Police arrest 26 suspects in Buffalo city metro municipality

Operation “Back to basics” over the weekend of 8 and 9 July 2017 was intensified to combat crime in the East London, Mdantsane and KWT Clusters in line with the crime prevention approach to policing in the Eastern Cape.

All these three clusters form part of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. Patrolling hotspots, maintaining high police visibility and taking decisive actions against crime.

These actions led to the confiscation of drugs and liquor in Kei Road. CPU members arrested two suspects, 38 and 40 years old for dealing in drugs and confiscated 105 mandrax tablets, valued at R7 500 and an undisclosed amount of cash during drug raid at a residence in Kei Road on Saturday night.

Ndevana police closed an illegal shebeen and issued the owner, 55 years with a fine of R2000 for selling liquor without a liquor licence.

Zwelitsha CPU members arrested a 30-year-old suspect for burglary residential during their patrols.

Amongst other arrests, 5 knives were confiscated during stop and search to prevent crimes like murder and robberies on the streets.

Mdantsane police arrested a 37-year-old suspect who was found in possession of a 9 mm pistol with the serial number that was filed-off and one magazine containing 6 rounds during the patrols in NU6.

They continued to close down a shebeen in NU1 and issued the owner with a R2 000 fine for selling liquor without a valid liquor licence.

In Highway Shopping centre, two second hand cellular phone shops were issued with R1 000 fines each, for operating without a valid licence.

Three suspects, 25, 27 and 30 years were arrested for assault with the intent to cause grievously bodily harm.

Two suspects, 33 and 36 years were arrested for burglary residential in NU 9 and 11, during patrols.

Three suspects were arrested for possession of tik in NU 2, 6 and 14, during CPU patrols.

East London members arrested a Pakistan (29) for operating a second hand shop without a valid licence in the CBD. Ten more second hand shops were visited and registers were properly inspected for compliance.

Ninety fake CD’s were confiscated in the Oxford and Buffalo streets during foot patrols around town.

Police executed search warrants for drugs in several suspected drug outlets (flats) in Quigney and confiscated 2 bankies of tik and 12 dagga zolls abandoned. No arrests made, we won’t be discouraged, next time we will definitely arrest the suspects.

Seventeen (17) knives were confiscated during stop and search in Duncan Village, Scenary Park and Nompumelelo informal and Santini settlements. This helped us to pro-actively prevent crimes like murders and robberies.

All the suspects are due to appear in different Magistrates’ Court around the Buffalo City Metro Municipality for various crimes soon.

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