Gardener arrested, ties up domestic worker, ransacks house, PE

Gardener arrested, ties up domestic worker, ransacks house, PE
Gardener arrested, ties up domestic worker, ransacks house, PE

Fighting crime is a shared responsibility between the police, the community and security companies. The continuous engagement of other crime fighting sectors are crucial in achieving our objectives.

On 13 November 2017,a 34 year old suspect was arrested within half an hour after allegedly tying up the domestic worker at a house in Lilly Ave in Sunridge Park.

The suspect who worked as a gardener waited for the owner of the house to leave when he managed to gain entry into the house and threaten the domestic worker with a knife.

The suspect took household items and left. When the owner returned and discovered what had happened, she immediately alerted her husband, the police and the security company.

A security company spotted the suspect in Framesby and when they stopped, he started to run. He was apprehended and the stolen items recovered.

The excellent working relationship with the different security companies and police will ensure that we have a safer festive season and it is clear that we can achieve more if we joined hands together in the against crime.

The suspect will appear in court on Wednesday 15 November 2017, on charges of house robbery.

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