Deceased hijackers funerals, shootings, vehicle racing unacceptable

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Deceased hijackers funerals, shootings, vehicle racing unacceptable
Deceased hijackers funerals, shootings, vehicle racing unacceptable

The Eastern Cape police have declared a full stop to unacceptable culture of racing vehicles and shooting at funerals of deceased vehicle hijackers usually done by their colleagues.

This behavior is unacceptable and endangers members of the public at graveyards and those attending the funeral including innocent bystanders.

These alleged hijackers, known by the popular title of ‘Amagintsa’ have an abhorred culture and dangerous trend of stealing vehicles only to burn them later or during the funerals of one or more of their own. Some of them would go to the extent of shooting randomly in the air in any direction; a conduct that is equivalent to attempted murder or murder of innocent people.

During the launch of Operation Fiela 2, on 9 Feb 2018 Eastern Cape police learnt that a notable number of funerals of deceased vehicle hijackers were scheduled to happen throughout that weekend. Members were deployed at the venues of the funerals, on major roads and at the grave yards to ensure that no one conducts himself/herself in such a manner.

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga also spoke harshly and strongly condemned this life risking behaviour saying that it will not be tolerated in our province and strict instructions to arrest anyone who conducts himself or herself in such a manner in any part of the province were issued. The Provincial Commissioner also shared these sentiments while she was addressing the community at Whittlesea during an official government event. She emphasized further the instruction to arrest anyone who conducts himself as such to all members on duty.

“We were in Port Elizabeth (PE) with Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Safety, Mr Peter launching Operation Fiela 2 when we noted criminals who were trying to hijack cars. Some went to VW plant to rob seven (7) cars but police managed to recover some of those stolen vehicles. We sent our members to stop them at their tracks and even in funerals we deployed police vehicles and members to protect the public and stamp our authority. Now we are here in Sada and we obligate ourselves to do what we did in Port Elizabeth and in other parts of the province. We are reclaiming every space and we will sweep this province with the assistance of Operation Fiela 2 and our dedicated members”, said Lt Gen Ntshinga.

The Provincial Commissioner pleaded to the members of the community to consistently share valuable information about places used to keep stolen property, drug dens, drug dealing and illegal firearms with the police and all information will be treated confidential.

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