Attempted Hijacking on the N2 just outside of Humansdorp.

Attempted Hijacking on the N2 just outside of Humansdorp.

Yesterday, 29 March, at approximately 15:20 REMS Medical received a call regarding a attempted Hijacking on the N2 just outside of Humansdorp.

On arrival REMS Paramedics found a vehicle in the middle of the left lane unoccupied with a clear blood trail across the vehicle. A male patient was found in critical condition, lying next to the road some distance from the vehicle. The patient sustained a critical wound over left side of his neck. A major artery was severed and the patient had sustained several defensive wounds on his arms and hands during the assault.

REMS Paramedics worked tiredly to stabilize the patient and applied SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray to stop the bleeding. Haemostatic agents was developed to assist in combat when soldiers sustained major injuries that resulted in fatalities due to blood loss. REMS is one of a few ambulance services that carry these products. In situations like these, these products are invaluable.

The patient was allegedly the driver of the vehicle previously mentioned. He was travelling towards PE when he assisted a hitchhiker with a travel opportunity that turned into the gruesome attack.

Thank you to the persons that stopped in Humansdorp to request assistance.

Please keep safe this Easter weekend and stay alert.

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