Dr Pieter Groenewald: ‘Joining hands and hard work lie ahead after elections’

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Dr Pieter Groenewald: 'Joining hands and hard work lie ahead after elections'
Dr Pieter Groenewald: 'Joining hands and hard work lie ahead after elections'

Every single person who voted for the FF Plus in the recent general elections can justifiably feel proud of their choice of party. The FF Plus’s significant growth serves as proof that it was the right choice. The party and its leadership would like to thank all the voters who helped to make the FF Plus one of The Big Five political parties in South Africa with extensive representation both on national and provincial level.

As a voter you, along with more than 400 000 fellow countrymen, joined hands with the FF Plus and tied yourself to a party that says that this country will no longer go downhill.

You committed to the FF Plus’s view that we must fight back against the policy and abuses of a government that has brought the country to the very edge of economic ruin and under whose leadership human relations have reached a shocking all-time low.

The message that the FF Plus and its supporters sent out with the election results is loud and clear: The people of South Africa have had enough.

Voters’ votes and support can no longer be taken for granted and as a result, the government and other opposition parties can no longer ignore the FF Plus or say that it is irrelevant.

Success, however, also comes with great responsibilities. The FF Plus realises this and is committed to serve all its supporters and, in the interest of the country as a whole, all the people of South Africa with dedication and hard work.

The FF Plus is also committed to practically and feasibly work towards self determination and the protection of minorities as well as to help build a South Africa where everyone feels safe with equal opportunities and equal rights for all.

The final results of the 2019 elections merely mark the beginning of the road. The FF Plus invites all South Africans who share the party’s views and values to walk alongside us on the road to recovery and reconciliation.

South Africa is a wonderful country with a lot of possibilities. Join us to form a winning team that can build a better future together.

The number of FF Plus Members of Parliament have more than doubled and now amount to ten. The party has eleven members in the Legislatures from every province, except Kwazulu Natal, as well as two representatives in the National Council of Provinces.

In the previous elections in 2014, the party gained the support of five constituencies. In the recent elections, the party won more than 114 constituencies countrywide.

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