Don’t bother waiting for an apology – Ain’t Gonna Come

Don’t bother waiting for an apology – Ain’t Gonna Come

There was an article in today’s Rand Daily Mail by a certain Panashe Chigumadze (doesn’t that sound like a Zimbabwean surname?). There was no panashe in the article.

It was complete bollocks, The author states: “We don’t want white apologies, we want our land back.” What boggles my mind for me is the fact that the African majority in South Africa apparently just cannot understand that times and political climates change.

The arguments go round and round and round like a blowfly in a bucket of curdled milk. 21 Years ago the world stood in awe of the amazing peaceful transition into “democracy” in which the ruling white minority voluntarily gave up their power and asked for forgiveness – in some cases like the Dutch Reformed Church, no less than 3 times!

And there it ended. The very next morning the sense of entitlement took over the senses of the black majority, the demands began and the course was determined. 2 decades later this Panashe-character says: No interest in apologies.

What he, and apparently millions of others, have not yet realised is this: There are no more apologies. We’ve stopped apologising. A number of liberal politicians, out-of-touch journalists and one or two whose conscience won’t leave them in peace still apologises from time to time.

This includes Adriaan Vlok, but one must accept that all the time spent on the floor while washing feet is starting to take its toll. White people actually don’t care whether you want an apology, because you’re not going to be getting one any longer.

You had the opportunity to be deserving of an apology. You blew it. Opportunity’s over.

And because of that you’re not getting the land either. If you have a legal claim, bring your documents. If you have the deed and poll for the land you want, bring it and let the law take its course.

If the white person has the documents, he has the documents. Stop wasting time by believing that you are inciting a sense of guilt in white people with statements like this. You’re not.

Daniel Lötter

Front National South Africa

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