Do white lives matter? Roll call of June 2020 farm murders and attacks

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Do white lives matter? Roll call of June 2020 farm murders and attacks
Do white lives matter? Roll call of June 2020 farm murders and attacks

Farm attacks and murders are not new at all in South Africa. It has been happening for 3 decades as the ANC and other black nationalist parties wage a racial war of attrition against the South African white minority. The facts and figures on this are clear and the statistics are being kept by organizations like Afriforum, ToekomsVonk and TLU SA. The government does not keep these statistics and the ANC and their volunteers like the liberal media and a certain social media group try their best to – through propagandist methods – make as if this is not happening because they simply don’t want the world to know.

These are the reported incidents for 1 June 2020 – 27 June 2020 ( we might have left a case or 2 out that we did not hear about). The fact that almost all the victims were white indicates that there is a specifically targeted group with these attacks.

And to think that President Cyril Ramaphosa, whilst on a visit to New York in 2018, told Bloomberg News that there are no farm murders in South Africa.


– 1 June, 2020 – A medical doctor, Roelof Botha, who lived on a Tulbach farm, was stabbed to death with sheep shears by a group of attackers in a nearby nature reserve.

– 5 June – Pieter Nel (65) was shot in the leg and chest and his wife Ann (61) sustained serious head injuries during a farm attack and home invasion by armed black men at Remhoote, Hartbeespoort.

– 6 June – Edi Neumeister (67) , the owner of Edi’s Bratwurst Sausage Restaurant and B&B in Balgowan in the KZN Midlands, was hacked to death with a panga on a local farm in the area. He was ambushed outside his office, dragged back in and then hacked to death with a panga by a single black male attacker who ran away. His fiancée managed to escape and ran to get help.

– 6 June – An elderly couple, Schalk (63) and Lana Coetzee (59), was severely assaulted on a farm outside Reivilo, Northern Cape. Schalk was left in critical condition. His attackers, black men, poured boiling water on his back. Both Schalk and Lana had to undergo surgery afterwards.

– 8 June – Berdine Vos (66) was attacked outside the house on a farm at Vanwyksvlei in the Northern Cape by 2 young suspects and hit over the head with a stone.

– 12 June – Oom Piet Pieterse was robbed and hacked with a panga by 2 balaclava clad black males. Firearms, a vehicle and a cellphone were robbed . Oom Piet was admitted to hospital with deep gashes on his head. The incident happened at 1930 on the farm Koedoesdraai, Leeudoringstad, North West.

– 15 June – Residents on a farm at Visgat between Reitz and Kransfontein in the Free State were robbed in a home invasion attack. Firearms and a vehicle were robbed.

– 15 June – Kosie Botha (63) was murdered on a farm at Vryheid in KZN. Neighbours came across his body. It was a gruesome scene.

– 16 June – No less than 7 farm attacks occurred overnight in the Haakdoringboom, Onderstepoort area north of Pretoria. A number of people sustained injuries and a boy was shot in the neck.

– 17 June – A father and his son were both shot in the upper leg when they were ambushed at the gate of their farm at Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. The 4 attackers, black men, opened fire as the father and son stopped at the gate. They were then robbed.

– 18 June – Mr Koos Janse van Rensburg (73) was brutally beaten by 2 black men during a home invasion and robbery on a plot at Haakdoringboom, north of Pretoria , the 8th one in Haakdoringboom in 48 hours. On the same night another similar attack occurred in the same area, bringing up the amount of attacks to nine in the same area in 48 hours.

– 18/19 June – A gang of farm attackers struck 2 farms outside Polokwane in just 2 days. On Thursday 18 June, 2020 at around 2200 the gang struck at farm worker residences on a local farm. In the incident the black male attackers fired into a room and wounded 2 children who are 8 and 12 years old respectively. Farm workers were robbed of money and cellphones. In another incident a 68 year old woman and her husband were attacked on Friday evening 19 June , 2020 at around 19:00, tied up and robbed by 4 black male attackers. The incident happened on a smallholding next to the N1 at Kareebosch outside Polokwane.The woman was threatened with a knife and tied up with cables. The attackers plundered the house and left with a plasma TV, gas bottle and stove.

– 21 June – Edwin Kotze was shot dead whilst visiting a friend, Rudi Botha, on a smallholding at Buffelsdrift north of Pretoria. This happened when 3 armed black men entered the house through a bathroom window. The men stole an Amarok bakkie which they loaded with stolen items.

– 21 June – Mr John Parr, an elderly farmer, and his family were attacked by 5 armed black men in their house on the farm Yaxham at Tweespruit in the Free State. This farmer was ready. He defended his family and killed 2 attackers in self defence.

– 21 June – A farmer was stabbed in the back on a farm at Hekpoort, north of Pretoria, roughly the same area where nine other attacks happened from 16-18 June.

– 21 June – A retired church minister Ian Benhardi (74) and his wife Jean were tied up and robbed on a farm at Darling, WC.

– 23 June – Mr Albert Kusel (63) was brutally murdered in his house on a smallholding at Sundra in Mpumalanga. Neighbors came across his body. His arms and legs were extremely tightly bound and he was beaten to death.Nothing was missing from his house.

–  22 June – A farmer of Worcester, Ben Hugo, was beaten over the head and tied up during a robbery on his farm. Mr Hugo was busy in his office when two black males attacked him. One attacker hit Mr Hugo over the head with a stone and he was tied up. Various items including firearms were robbed.

– 25 June, 2020 at 0220 – Plot R116 Roodekopjes Brits – Five black men armed with knives and a panga broke through a security gate to gain access to the house of Johann and Susan Breedt. Johann fought back causing the attackers to flee. The same attackers also attempted an attack on the same house hours earlier, the victims were not seriously injured.

– 25 June, 2020 at 0400 – Lusthof, Gauteng – Three armed black male attackers entered the home at 2200 the night before, the attack lasted 6 hours. The residents, including a woman, were tied up and choked. The attackers ransacked the home and fled with 2 vehicles and a trailer belonging to the residents which were loaded with furniture and the fridge.

– 25 June, 2020, 1230 – A farm attack occurred at Suikerbosrand near the nature reserve, Gauteng. A woman, a farm worker as well as the house helper, a female, were violently assaulted by four black attackers and robbed of a firearm.

– 25 June 2020, 1610 – Nelspruit, Mpumalanga – A woman was assaulted on a farm by an unknown number of black males who robbed firearms. The attackers fled in a Blue Ford ranger bakkie.

– 26 June – 0830 – Percy Fyfe rd, Polokwane/Mokopane. The owner, David Osborn, was attacked and stabbed by seven heavily armed black attackers during a farm attack. Both Osborn and a visiting friend were robbed of their firearms, Mr Osborne managed to shoot back with another firearm.

– 26 June at 1900 – Lovedale farm, Petrusburg, Free State – the 50 year old Mr Du Toit and his 82 year old mother severely assaulted, tied up and robbed of 2 cellphones and a firearm by 3 black males. Victims had to be hospitalized.

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