District municipalities superfluous

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District municipalities superfluous
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Large district municipalities are superfluous, and because of factors such as weak ANC councilors, it does not provide the necessary service to communities. Local government should rather be decentralized so that municipalities can improve by being closer to the people’s service delivery, said Dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

Dr. Groenewald focused on district municipalities with the parliamentary debate on the effectiveness and role of provinces and district municipalities, saying district municipalities became unnecessary and collapsed due to the incompetence of ANC councilors.

According to Dr. Groenewald district municipalities were already formed in the 1980s. City Council’s jurisdiction was limited, and there were specific areas where they did not have jurisdiction. The purpose of district municipalities was therefore to improve those areas and development.

“District municipalities before 1994 were intended to service rural areas with services such as water and roads.”

“City councils or municipalities are currently adjacent to each other, and therefore there are no areas beyond the jurisdiction of one or other municipality. This made district municipalities unnecessary.”

There are currently 44 district municipalities in South Africa with about 500 proportionally elected councilors.

“The FF Plus’s view is that these municipalities became redundant and only became bodies for framework development.”

“Local level should instead be decentralized to lower levels. Municipalities need to be reduced so that local government can come closer to voters. Only then can district municipalities be considered again,” said Dr. Groenewald.

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