Destructive fires rage nationwide

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Destructive fires rage nationwide
Destructive fires rage nationwide - Image - Pixabay

Devastating fires are raging over vast areas of the country, and are fueled by the strong August winds.

In the Nigel area a woman burned to death while Mr. Dirk Lourens was hospitalized with 35% burns. Another farmer had to put about one hundred cattle down after they suffered severe burns.

More than 800 firefighters from ‘Working on Fire’ have been deployed to try and extinguish about 44 fires in the past 24 hours. Of these fires, 12 were in the Free State, 11 in the Eastern Transvaal, 9 in the PWV area, 8 in Natal, two in the Eastern Cape and one in the North West and the Northern Transvaal.

In most cases, the fires arise after people react recklessly on how to deal with fires, and it is suspected that in certain cases they are deliberate and to cause damage especially for farmers.

Meanwhile, Afriforum’s report on the fires in Knysna has been greeted with disbelief. According to Afriforum, the Knysna fires were caused by lightning, while Knysna municipality recently released a report from a forensic investigator which clearly states the fires were caused by human intervention.

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