De Klerk charged for ‘land theft’

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De Klerk charged for ‘land theft’
FW De Klerk

A criminal who as just been released from prison has filed a lawsuit against FW de Klerk at a Johannesburg police station for theft of land.

Kenny Motsamai apparently connected to the radical Azanian People’s Liberation Army says De Klerk has to explain how he managed to own 87% of the country, while he stay in a small yard.

In the second case against De Klerk, members of the equally radical Black First Land First movement in Cape Town have filed complaints against De Klerk and Adriaan Vlok for crimes against black people.

Apparently, complaints about racism against De Klerk are also being considered by the group.

An FW de Klerk Foundation spokeswoman said they are apparently not concerned about the charges because the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) found that De Klerk cannot be bound by human rights violations.

Experts warn, however, that with the new radical political winds blowing in the country, the entire TRC process can even be set aside.

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