Crying wolf should be a crime

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A woman in the United States was sent to prison for 2 years recently after falsely accusing a man of rape. The man spent 13 years in prison before the woman admitted that she made false allegations out of revenge for the fact that he was not interested in having a relationship with her.

Over the last few years it has become habitual to accuse people of racism for any and every reason imaginable. In a society such as ours, where the race issue becomes more heated by the day and legislation proposed to declare acts of racism a crime already on the table, this habit can destroy innocent lives.

One of our regular contributors to this page quite rightly pointed out this morning that the legislation should in fact include a clause by which a person could be prosecuted for falsely accusing another of racism, exactly as was the case with Ashwin Willemse recently. The commission of enquiry determined that his accusation against Naas Botha and Nick Mallet was unfounded.

The very same applies to Mmusi Maimane and the Minister of Sports, Tokozile Xasa. Without any foundation or logical reason at all, both of them joined Willemse in this false accusation.

If people are to be prosecuted for being racist, Front National reckons it is no less than fair that people should also be prosecuted for false accusations of racism against other people.

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