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We recognize the right of every individual and group in South Africa to hold political views, religious views and to pursue political ideologies. What we cannot recognize and condone is the paternalistic, simplistic and naïve views of members of the DA, liberals and certain members of some so-called “Afrikaans” organizations.

As an ethnic group of Afrikaner/Boers we have certain undeniable rights in international law and conventions to self-determination. This right centers on language, culture, history and tradition. But most of all it centers around our outlook on life as determined by western civilization. As an ethnic group from western civilization background we reject multiculturism as it is practiced in South Africa.

Being from western origin determines your choice of language, political system, political ideology, musical taste, traditions, religion and outlook on life. The building blocks of western civilization determine how you will react in life, in society, in your religious views, in your place of work and in the expectations you have of life and personal growth.

Being from western origin the Afrikaner/Boer associates him/herself with a set of principles.
You CANNOT react as a pragmatist when Afrikaans as a language is under threat; or when western educational standards are under threat; or where the western political system of democracy is attacked. You forfeit that right to fight for western values when you feel yourself comfortable in an African country where more than a hundred laws, ordinances and regulations reduce you to a second-class citizen.

The pragmatist choosing to stay part of the system in South Africa but then reacting when western values in democracy, language, education and civil society are threatened is:

  • Racist to the extreme because his/her views are based on nothing else than the race of the government;
  • Paternalistic to the extreme because his/her views are based on nothing other than the race of the government;
  • Opportunistic to the extreme because he/she expresses individual western views in an African political climate.
  • Not true to him/her personally to the extreme because they deny all the building blocks making up a human being.

Unless the pragmatist can explain these ambiguous views while staying in a 10:1 minority in an African-dominated and oppressive system in South Africa, he/she should rather keep their mouths shut and not express their ignorance in public and especially not in the media.

If, on the other hand, you do not base your views on a western origin, then you must realize that your descendants (children) will eventually lag behind other western countries in personal development, education, opportunities and way of life.

We understand that the African and liberal multiculturist and liberal have an aversion to colonialism, to western systems and the free market system; that the African in general has a psychological problem with perceived racism; that your spokespersons spew fire at all real and imagined racist attitudes from western nations and westerners.

In a multi-cultural society, however; you cannot practice human rights and a universal franchise without compromising yourself. It is at this stage that you have to make a choice – either you turn “African” like the Democratic Alliance and abandon western political traditions and customs; turn a blind eye to minorities and embark on a day-to-day existence – or you try to enforce your views in a paternalistic manner on society, which, of course, is racist.

What you must answer is this: how much of your opposition to the ANC is based on ideology (nil) and how much is based on a day-to-day run-of-the-mill criticism based on a deep paternalistic and racist outlook on life?

In liberal circles many people are mesmerized by the novelty and mystery of other cultures like the African, not realizing that what they do in fact is identify themselves as strangers in a strange, novel country. That is totally contrary to what the professed citizenship of the liberal means. The unspoken trend here is that of the typical colonial playing guardian to the uncivilized.


The Boer/Afrikaner is an ethnic group with our own characteristics based on the western civilization. We want our language, traditions, outlook on life, religion’ history, education, work security, free market principles and social life safeguarded against an oppressive African majority. We want to govern ourselves according to our own principles. Nothing more, nothing less.

By Hannes Engelbrecht

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