Clicks, the EFF and the ‘social justice’ mob – The context that nobody should miss

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Clicks, the EFF and the ‘social justice’ mob – The context that nobody should miss
Clicks, the EFF and the 'social justice' mob - The context that nobody should miss. Photo: SAT

The hair advertisement by Clicks has to be seen in the larger context of what is happening in the world today. The EFF has now seized upon an advertisement by Clicks which was surely not intended to be racially insensitive – Clicks have many black customers and workers after all – to resurrect itself from the political grave.

It comes amidst the larger context of rising black nationalism and the determined efforts by the Liberal/ Globalist Alliance to bring about a world revolution that will establish a borderless new world order, obviously to make white peoples minorities everywhere in the world, the ultimate aim of the Liberal/Globalist Alliance.

The Liberal/Globalist Alliance has turned themselves into virtue signalers and so called “social justice” warriors to drive a social and political revolutionary agenda.

Nowadays corporate entities are living in fear of being branded the next racists by the ” social justice ” mob, so they quickly fall on the knee and apologize for everything they are accused of to avert brand damage. They also try to be pro-active in this regard, for instance Johnson&Johnson, a cosmetic company, has stopped selling skin lightening cream lest they should be accused of being racists by the ” social justice” warriors, who are themselves anti white racists.

These ” social justice” campaigns, like the riots that followed the death of the petty criminal and drug crazed George Floyd, who resisted Police arrest, are used as deliberate propaganda campaigns.

These endlessly violent looting and burning campaigns to achieve ” social justice” are intended to go on until they have achieved what they want which is as mentioned a new world order as desired by their Elites. Their aim is and will remain to control a world devoid of any identity. Just imagine how much money these Elites stand to make when people have been robbed of any feeling of identity. If somebody loses his or her identity, that person will have little appetite to fight for anything and the Elites will have their way and roll in the cash.

The “social justice” warriors are always looking out to create “moments” that will serve as inspiration for their agenda, so it is important to never fall into their trap. It is important to NEVER kneel before the so called “social justice” mob, as currently being demonstrated by the likes of the EFF, BLM and their allies in the international Liberal/Globalist Alliance.

They are the most facist of all anyway and apologizing to them when forced to do so through their violent actions is never going to be enough for them. Remember, those so called “social justice” mobs like the EFF and BLM have political designs of black racial hegemony and dominance. Their campaigns are not about justice to make the world a more racially sensitive place, it is about their political/revolutionary aims to create a new world order.

This is all part of their grand design to create a new world order, so don’t be deceived and never go onto your knees before these groups because their demands will never stop until they have achieved all their objectives and the more people apologize to them, the more their demands will get.

They will continue to grab all the chances they can, like the George Floyd incident as well, to achieve political/revolutionary agendas. Never let yourselves be deceived by the likes of the EFF. They are symbol pushers, deceivers and virtue signalers who want to create moments to build their image, to create the impression that they are the representatives of black poor people. This is now the same EFF that steals from black poor people, for instance the EFF’s participation in various looting activities like the VBS bank scandal.

The violent attack on Clicks by the EFF is a transparent attempt to get back into the news cycle after totally disappearing during the Covid-19 crisis.

Never be deceived or bend before the likes of the EFF, always remember who they are, died-in-the-wool hard-core racial black nationalists and communists who are more than willing to use violence to achieve their evil objectives Apologizing and bending the knee before them will just make them more determined. Remember nobody is safe before these militant “social warriors” and anybody could be their next victim, so stand together and never relent.

They are revolutionaries but a violent and militant revolution always eats its own children.

The ones helping to push the violent cultural revolution that we are seeing happening right now in the world, with George Soros the chief funder of it all, will hopefully be eaten by their own revolution, so let us never bend the knee and let us continue to find our identity and find out who and what we are and what we believe in.

This battle is still going to be long so remember if you go on the knee once, the battle is already lost and you can not fight another day, then you have already surrendered.

Fact is, who gives the right to the facist EFF to decide what is racist and what not? By bending the knee and apologizing to the likes of the EFF and BLM, the only thing that will be achieved is giving these people the right to decide what our futures should look like and give them the right to decimate your future and the future of your people and family.

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