Cash paymaster services and white monopoly capital

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

Cash paymaster services and white monopoly capital
Cash paymaster services and white monopoly capital

Therefore, Zupta has this whole WMC thing going. It stands for White Monopoly Capital.

This whole WMC strategy of theirs, designed by the Gupta spin doctoring company, the UK company Bell Toiletpott, spread especially on twitter, was designed to spread hate towards whites in this country, so that that can take attention away from the outright looting of State Owned Enterprises by the Guptas, a process described as state capture, and something that Thuli Madonsela said should be investigated by a judicial commission.

It was also revealed how that UK company Bell Toiletpott, aided by Zupta’s houseboys Andile Mngxitama of Black First Land First and Jimmy Manyi, both racist to the core individuals, created fake twitter accounts, from which retweets can be done, a process described as paid twitter. This was done in an effort to spread the WMC narrative.

We have seen how this WMC strategy, designed by Bell Toiletpott, was driven hour by hour, minute by minute, on Zupta TV, also called ANC 7, channel 405 on the Lesser Choice platform. Of course, Jimmy Manyi is a permanent squatter in that ANC 7 studios where he is a paid “analyst”.

I have looked far and wide for this so called white monopoly capital. I could not find any. All that I could see around me was Taxpayer Monopoly Capital #TMC that is how the Guptas became billionaires, by milking the SOE’s.

This is the only example I could find, and that company is called Cash Paymaster Services /Net 1. Its CEO is Serge Belamant and its major shareholders are American companies and the South African Allan Gray investment house. It does have a few black faces onboard, one or two VERY close friends of Minister Batha Hotel, as the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism has revealed.

This WMC Company, with few black friends of minister Batha Hotel, is quite a greedy bunch, also marketing microloans and funeral policies through the SASSA database.

The person who was in charge of the original awarding of the SASSA tender to CPS/Net1 is none other than Zuma783’s buddy- and kingpin in his criminal looting group- Tom Moyane, head of SARS Moyane headed up the bid adjudication committee that awarded the deal to CPS/Net 1.[ As reported by amaBhungane ]

According to amaBhungane, a treasury official Wiseman Mathebula met with Moyane prior to a November 25, 2011, meeting of the bid adjudication committee, and raised his concerns about the lack of BEE credentials of CPS.

“The tender record, amaBhungane found, indicated that Moyane at the November 25 meeting had told the committee, “I got a call from the minister [Dlamini], really unhappy: ‘Is this [adjudication] meeting going to be postponed?’ And I said: ‘Minister, this meeting is taking place.'”

Moyane had also informed committee members that he had viewed the issues with regard to BEE and raised by Mathebula as “really not serious questions that could have led us to postpone the discussions.”

The tender was awarded to CPS/Net 1 and Absa All Pay, a competitor, took the matter to court. The Constitutional Court eventually found in All Pay’s favor, citing as a reason that there was fronting, that means one or two black friends of minister Batha Hotel gave a black face to the deal, but CPS/ Net 1 would take the spoils away.

SASSA gave a commitment to the Con Court that they would take over payment of the SASSA grants themselves by April 1, 2017.

Batha Hotel never made any serious effort to honor this commitment.

She did have an advisory committee in this regard in 2014, chaired by ZANC MP, Dr. Makhozi Khoza, who the DA said was paid R1 million for her “advice”.

“Work streams” were then set up by the advisory committee, and the same members of the advisory committee were then appointed as service providers, and paid big bucks, a total of R45 million, an amount the Treasury said was not budgeted for.

Quote from Daily Maverick article – SassaGate: CPS contract fiasco just one Sassa worm in a can of many- by Marianne Tham 2017-03-15 underneath:

“In the end, while five work streams had been established, only three were functional, including Legal and Regulation, headed by Tim Sukazi [who now acts as legal counsel for Sassa in its Constitutional Court challenge], Economic Development headed by Tankiso Pakkies and Business Information – which included banking – headed by Patrick Monyeki, former Home Affairs chief director of IT”

In the end, the “work streams” were just a fraudulent attempt to show that SASSA and Minister Batha Hotel were making an effort, whilst there was actually no effort, even creating an opportunity for some cronies to make more than R45 million in the process.

Even after the Con Court hearings of this week, bottom line is that CPS/Net 1 will make a handy profit for the next 12 months, as they will be paid R16, 50 per grant beneficiary per month, multiplied with 17 million grant recipients.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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