Can not be done! Says who?

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Can not be done!  Says who?
Can not be done! Says who? Photo: FNSA

To those who, so tiresomely, insist that a smaller political party can achieve nothing, we want to say: Says who?

This week we have to recognise that one politician in South Africa is probably in 7th heaven, by way of speech. Jeremy Acton, the leader of the Dagga Party who campaigned for the legalisation of the use of cannabis since 1994, never managed to win a seat in Parliament and could not contest in 2014 due to financial constraints, but he says he is confident of winning a seat or two in 2019.

We’re not quite clear exactly why, but one thing is for sure: While many South Africans laughed at his party and made jokes about how it will never happen, have to admit that this is an example of a very old political philosophy: Never say never…

Small parties with big ideas make politics. And on that you can “maar roek djou skyfie, bra.”

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