Boycott hurts Spur

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Boycott hurts Spur
Boycott hurts Spur - Image - Die Vryburger

After the restaurant group Spur, turned the incident of assault against a white child, into a racial issue, scores of people, mainly whites have boycotted restaurant in protest.

This meant that the group’s big boss had to admit that the boycott hurt the group and that it could even lead to the closure of some of the restaurants and, consequently, cause a loss of jobs.

Instead of apologizing to the white community for its incorrect behavior, Pierre van Tonder the big boss said people should rather challenge him than the restaurant.

During the assault incident, a big black boy assaulted a small white girl, and when the girl’s father only asked the boy’s mother to control her son, she started shouting and screaming. Spur took her side and forbade the white man to put his foot in the group’s restaurants again.

After the incident, whites voted with their feet, and Van Tonder had to admit that they had since suffered millions of rands loss as a result of the boycott.

Meanwhile, the Vryburger has learned that the Spur in Nigel has closed its doors and that 30 mainly black employees have lost their jobs.

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