Bosasa: Ramaphosa’s lies, how corrupt is the president?

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Bosasa: Ramaphosa’s lies, how corrupt is the president?
Bosasa: Ramaphosa's lies, how corrupt is the president? Photo: Dievryburger

Shortly after it came to light that the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, received R500,000 from Bosasa and made worldwide news, the lies and stories just kept flowing one after another.

In parliament, Ramaphosa told one story, later followed a second, and eventually that the R500,000 was repaid to the institution from which it came.

The first two allegations were that it was for his son’s business, then it was for his election campaign, and then later that the money would be returned to the “donors” immediately.

According to information, the money has apparently never been repaid to the so-called “donor”, leaving the question whether the president not only tells lies but is also be corrupt.

The argument being used is that Bosasa will not get their money back until the government instructs it to do so.

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