BLF threatens Eric Barnard and ‘land thieves’

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BLF threatens Eric Barnard and ‘land thieves’
BLF threatens Eric Barnard and 'land thieves'

The radical splinter group, Black First Land First (BLF), expressed an angry threat to Eric Barnard Furnishers, following the withdrawal of their advertisement from Jacaranda FM.

Eric Barnard withdrew his ad after Tumi Morake’s racist remarks. BLF spoke out strongly against demands of listeners that Morake should be disciplined by Jacaranda FM. They threatened that should Jacaranda proceed, the radio station will have to deal with them and the full wrath of the black community.

“BLF warned Eric Barnard and all the white land thieves that the time and place for land thieves in our ancestor’s country have long been over – keep quiet or leave (shut up or get out!)”

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