Black knifeman Sibusiso Mdubeki gets ‘Slap on the wrist’

Only 4 years in prison for black knifeman Sibusiso Mdubeki who stabbed Afrikaner Charl Ferreira, 30 to death in Margate. April 25 2014 – Charl Ferreira (30) of Margate died after being stabbed in the upper body and face in May last year. He was found dead near a tavern in Seaslopes in Margate Extension 3. His wallet, which contained his ID and bank cards, had been stolen.

The man found guilty of his murder was 28-year-old, Sibusiso Mdubeki, who was last week sentenced to a mere four years’ imprisonment by the Port Shepstone Regional Court. The court deemed it to be a ‘competent verdict’ to the murder charge, finding that Mdubeki had no intention to kill and that the murder was due to negligence.

Charl’s mother, Barbara Ferreira, is deeply saddened by what she feels is an inadequate sentence.
“I have seen a similar trend with different cases in the last couple of months, so it came as no surprise to me. Life seems so cheap and people just get a slap on the wrist. We need longer and harsher sentences, so people may think twice before doing something wrong,” she said.

She said her son helped everyone in the community and was missed by all. “I am terribly sad that a misunderstanding and overreaction over a bottle of beer caused the death of my son and ruined the life of another,” she added. ….

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