Black author of MiWay slander email apologizes

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Black author of MiWay slander email apologizes
Black author of MiWay slander email apologizes - Image - Die Vryburger

The name of the person who discredited the company MiWay as a racist company on social media has been announced. He is Mondli Madlala.

Madlala was angry with the insurer because they did not want to pay his claim for a stolen vehicle, but he did not even fulfill his responsibility to install a tracking system in the vehicle.

After MiWay had talked with him personally, he offered an apology and informed schoolchildren about the dangers of social media.

Unlike the case where whites are accused of racism, his apology is accepted. MiWay gave him the choice of public apology or criminal prosecution. He chose the apology.

MiWay has since the incident surrendered after the radical Black First Land First (BLF) accused them of being out of control as the board consists only of whites. MiWay undertook to implement “transformation, ” and they will have six months to give feedback to BLF.

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