Being More African is the Key for South Africans?

Being More African is the Key for South Africans?
South Africa Today

According to a recent report a South African lecturing on the topic of understanding Africa, made mention that South Africans need to be more African. Explaining the emerging economy of Africa and said the picture was twofold. South Africans tend to exclude themselves when they think of Africa and deliver a more European or American sentiment. On one hand, the situation must change; Africa should not be considered a hopeless continent because of the poverty, disease and conflict. The other portrayal is that of Africa rising, growth and a business climate within the private sector, and improvements in governance. Mention of South Africans not doing internships all over the continent as opposed to European and American students was compared.

Public comments relating to the story were sometimes humorous and outright anger with comparing all South Africans to be more African. A comment stated that being African means breaking, burning and killing while another defined African as fraud, theft and corruption. Rape and killing according to Africans was a skilled learned from the white settlers.

Positive developments on the continent should not be ignored, and the black African slaves who were rounded up all over Africa and shipped off to different countries around the world should not be blamed on European South Africans.

A question was asked about the culture of African tribes relating to the Lobola paid for buying a wife, special types of medicines made from body parts as well as plants to cure AIDS, and how the Europeans taught this tribal jargon to the early African people of South Africa. The question of who sold the African slaves to slave traders was raised and one answer was because of the love of Ubuntu being responsible for this action.

The great Africa success story should be an adventure for the ill informed to take a trip around the Dark Continent. The ongoing African trait of blaming someone else for short comings was raised, and another reader suggested that taking responsibility for their own actions would represent real success. The culture of no discipline and blaming whites for the ill fated actions does not show development in Africa.

Ebola, malaria and the tsetse fly over the African Continent was mentioned as a huge ongoing problem, and governments showed no sign of tackling these problems. Various comments stating the African way is negative and culturally dead in the modern world.

A South African commented on the story and said the East and West African countries showed a more civilized way to other Africans while the neighboring countries of South Africa displayed animosity in the most severe form.

The nationalizing policies implements in African Countries have destroyed the economies of most and a reference to the Zimbabwe nationalization policy still enforced by President Mugabe still clinging to colonization is delusional.

South Africans need to be more South African and not follow the ethnic tribal outdated rituals that cause untold misery and conflict among all. The answer is not about being more African but rather about developing a cultivated respect for each individual. Tribal traditions causing tribal conflicts are the same as regressing back to the Stone Age. What about moving forward to the 21st century and embracing the knowledge and education to advance into a first world country.

Africa has a large number of the poorest people in the world, and foreign intervention to assist and alleviate the suffering was evident, but did not help the ignorant poor person to gain understanding of making their country a more stable and independent country for its people. The greed, corruption, and self enrichment of the leaders overshadowed the reality of the poverty within its borders. South Africa does not need to remain a third world country, the diverse history, and its people to move forward cannot be compared to the rest of the African Continent that is similar to a rats nest. South Africa moving forward into the 21st century will happen when the cunning, corrupt and murdering leaders are held accountable; the poor, ignorant people are given the opportunity to embrace knowledge and understanding that the world has moved away from the 18th century. The past has been challenging, and the future can hold a brighter vision depending on what South Africans do about it.

By Laura Oneale

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