Be careful when you randomly fire at ‘ suspects’

Be careful when you randomly fire at ‘ suspects’

Drift Reaction cc received a report from clients in Ruimsig, Roodepoort on April 27, 2015 that they heard about 12 shots fired in the area. Although the control centre contacted the police to investigate, Drift Reaction cc vehicles were also dispatched.

It was later reported that a resident in the area noticed “suspects” walking on the river front on the outside of his perimeter wall and fired warning shots.

This is an extremely dangerous thing to do. The Firearm law clearly states that you can only shoot at someone if your life is in grave and eminent danger.

Should one of these people be wounded you can find yourself behind bars and be found unfit to possess a firearm. People use the river frontage as a walk-through and are not necessarily always suspects.

If they were inside the property or trying to gain access warning shots can be explained.

Source – Drift Reaction cc

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