Barbaric uncivilised violence, farm attacks and the SAVAGE!

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Barbaric uncivilised violence, farm attacks and the SAVAGE!
Barbaric uncivilised violence, farm attacks and the SAVAGE!

The daily occurrence of violent attacks on people in South Africa and the ongoing farm attacks and farm murders is not acceptable in any civilised society. Far to often it is argued that this violent and demonic behaviour does not affect only white civilised communities but that it is the norm in townships and black rural areas where black on black violence is just as prevalent. Well that’s the point! Why should civilised, functional communities suffer this barbaric savage behaviour? But it’s deeper than that, the attacks on whites and especially on white farmers is also driven by political parties and leaders in South Africa.

The call by parties like the EFF and BLF who are regularly involved in motivating the masses to kill whites and demanding that the land be given back to the blacks, which history has proven, was never theirs in the first place, is adding to the problem.

And yes the violence that blacks perpetrate against their own is just as unacceptable. But the point is that the barbaric nature of theses attacks on whites is associated with extreme violence, hatred, torture, rape and are in violation of every natural civilised human law.

Farm attacks are often argued away as just ‘normal crime’, well if that kind of behavior is ‘normal’ then there is as big problem and that problem, is in fact, the symptom of an uncivilised society, where savages roam free to do as they please in an ungodly manner perpetrating all kind of evil.

The ANC government, who have been accused of complicity in these atrocious attacks denies their existence and the left liberal mainstream media remains silent.

This kind of uncivilised savage behaviour is not only applicable to South Africa, but can be seen across sub saharan africa where violence, accestoral worship and evil perpetrated by black tribes have destroyed everything in their path and this is apparently quite acceptable to the left liberal world and their propaganda media machines. And all done in the name of democracy!

Black leaders denounce ‘everything white’ and call for black culture to take over everything. Well what culture? The result is only utter destruction! And this is seen on daily with black communities protesting and destroying everything they can get their hands on.

These leaders make these calls wearing designer clothes made by whites, to television crews using white manufactured technology, they make calls on white created cell phones and stand on white engineered platforms, drive white manufactured cars and eat white farmed food, live in white designed houses and drive on white engineered roads and use white engineered technology every second of their lives.

What have these black leaders and tribes of savages ever built, made, created or engineered. It is often said that 3000 years later and all they invented was a ‘stick’.

The daily reports of black leaders pillaging everything in their path with corruption, theft, lies, destruction of every functional state entity, municipality and anything of value is testament to the what the problem actually is. And the masses of uncivilised savages roaming around searching to kill and destroy are taking their lead from this behaviour.

Savage as defined by the Cambridge dictionary:
“a person whose way of life is at a very early stage of development” or “someone who is thought to be in a wild state and to have no experience of a civilized society (= highly developed society)

Barbaric as defined by the Cambridge dictionary:
“extremely cruel and unpleasant”

Uncivilised as defined by the Cambridge dictionary:
“Not suitable for a well developed, peaceful society where people are treated fairly”

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