Barbaric and tribal acts of senseless vandalism

Barbaric and tribal acts of senseless vandalism

The Mother City witnessed an unsavoury display of the irreconcilable differences between the cultures and customs of white South Africans and black South Africans this week. For more than a century the statue of Cecil John Rhodes stood on its foot piece against the backdrop of the mountain just a few hundred metres above Kirstenbosch, from where he gazes out over Cape Town. And now that is to be no more.

Predominantly black students of the University of Cape Town tackled the monument this week and besmirched it with human excrement. This was an action against the symbol of “white Imperialism”. The uprising reached the point where the university management, according to a number of sources, today indicated that they will consider removing the monument now. No wonder PW Botha used to call UCT “Moscow on the hill.”

One marvels at the audacity of a group of people who were all born in their “free and fair New South Africa,” and now trying to shift the blame of their own government’s and own society’s incompetence to a long gone English politician.

Fact of the matter is: This is just another display of the fact that the black South African fails dismally in grasping two root concepts of existence:

1) Symbols of history is not history itself, nor is it current. Change the names of towns and provinces and take down statues – history is a given fact, it happened, and nobody can change one iota of it. You are merely committing a senseless act of vandalism.

2) The black South African is utterly incapable of shifting his focus from past to future. Black and white have been part of the history of this country since time immemorial and will be part of the future long after none of us are around any more. To exorcise the spirit of Jan van Riebeeck is not going to change the DEIC/VOC history of the Cape. To besmirch Cecil John Rhodes with poo is not going to change British Imperialist history. But the future can be changed!

We need to understand this: The Afrikaner/Boer nation holds no particular high regard for Cecil John Rhodes. His greed and political opportunism was at the root of the Anglo-Boer War – which will stand for future generations as the most hideous of times in our history (although the current South Africa is fast catching up!) Despite that, through years of Afrikaner Nationalism, apartheid and republicanism we never once considered taking down the Rhodes memorial or removing Queen Victoria from her pedestal on the Parade. The culture and custom of the white man looks at the holistic picture and the logical sequence of history, current day and future. The black culture does not understand a holistic picture. The South African government and its voters does not understand it. And that is the backdrop of the dismal state of this country.

If the black South African then is so desperate to wipe the white South African of Dutch and British origin from the history of this country, one can rather logically assume that he is more than willing to wipe us from the future as well. If the black man only wants to understand how easy that is. Just give us what is rightfully ours, what has been promised to us by Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela in 1994, what is protected in your constitution: A piece of the country where we can govern ourselves and live in safety in our custom and beliefs and where we can be left in peace just to exist. With the rest you can do what you want. That is how simple it is.

Front National South Africa rejects these barbaric and tribal acts of senseless vandalism and regard it as an insult to European and Western values and the contribution of the white man to the formation of this country. Statues you can pull down, names you can change – I have a gut feel some time very, very soon they will be reinstated, all of them…somewhere.

By Daniel Lötter
Front National Information Department

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