Armed robbery and murder; suspects released on bail

Armed robbery and murder; suspects released on bail
Photo: Maroela Media

Three suspects will appear in court on Thursday July 16, 2015, after a homeless woman from Pretoria was killed in May 2015 when a gunfight between police and three suspected robbers broke out.

Maroela Media reported earlier that Charlene Buys (40) landed in crossfire in May 2015, when police officers were chasing robbers after a liquor store owner was robbed in the Moot area.

The suspects allegedly hid around a corner during the chase and opened fire on the police.

Buys and her husband walked along the road, and she was fatally wounded. Her husband was not injured.

The couple is homeless and slept somewhere in the area at night.

Capt. Disebo Selepe, police spokesperson, said an investigation was conducted to determine whether Buys was shot by police or the robbers. According to him it was established that Buys was not shot by police officers.

The alleged robbers were arrested end May and charges of murder and attempted murder were brought against them. “The suspects were released on bail and the case will resume on July 16, 2015, in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court,” Selepe said.

Source – Maroela Media

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