Are white people becoming increasingly arrogant?

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Are white people becoming increasingly arrogant?
Are white people becoming increasingly arrogant? - Image - YouTube

A combined committee of ANC members of KZN and the Free State declared this week that white people in the country are becoming increasingly arrogant.

Websters Dictionary defines arrogance as “an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter and superior. An overbearing manner in presumptuous claims or assumptions.” In a certain sense that is also the constitutional point of view of racism – racism is not stating the fact that there are scientifical and biological and ethnological differences in skin colour, features and behaviour, but that one group of people are automatically superior to another because of this.

We can therefore conclude that the ANC has now collectively branded ALL white people as racist. At the same time, given the definition of arrogance, they have also branded non-whites as inferior, thereby becoming extremely racist themselves!

One cannot help but wonder why black people worldwide falls back into a collective feeling of inferiority the moment race is mentioned. Serena Williams, for example, stated this morning that she has to be twice as good as Maria Sharapova on the tennis court because she is black! That is an utterly preposterous statement to make and clearly aimed at gaining sympathy. Problem is, if your existence depends on sympathy from others, as opposed to achievement on your own steam, then you have a reason to feel inferior. Fact is, this depends on yourself.

White South Africans are going through a natural reaction to post-1994 South Africa. When you lose the power to control the factors influencing your existence, you value those things you can still control even more. A historical example of this would be Germany post World War II – it was ‘n broken country with a nation stripped of all power. Yet, in a remarkable time-span of only 10 years Germany managed to rebuild itself and return to a position of political and economical leadership in the West. And what was the reaction of the rest of Europe? “Oh how arrogant those Germans are!?” Was it based on envy? I think so. And I believe that is also at the base of the ANC’s latest lament about white people.

Fact is: when European civilisation arrived in this country there was absolutely no sign of progress. Despite the achievements of Asia, the European Renaissance and the splendour of Western Europe in the 17th century, there was no sign of a wheel, a building above two storeys, literacy or scientific achievement anywhere between Cape Point and the Zambesi! The reply to gunpowder were assegais, to Delft porcelain emptied and dried pumpkins or clay pots, to lace, silk and satin – animal skins. No literature, engineering, science, medicine, arts which could remotely compare to anywhere else in the world at the time. And instead of learning skills, integrating it with culture and beliefs, a habit of mimicking started. It has now culminated to the point where Western fashions, cell phones, habits and blonde wigs are extremely fashionable – coupled of course by the urging for it to be regarded as African. Why would you imitate the appearance and conduct of another person unless you regard that as superior to your own?

Given the history of South Africa which recovered time and again from racial conflict, war, drought, occupation, Colonialism, slaughter, oppression and Depression, white people did not do too badly. After the scorched earth policy of the Anglo Boer War white people in the Free State and Transvaal did not complain for 23 years about being disadvantaged and oppressed – they ploughed, built and started again. After the hideous years of poverty in the 1930’s white South Africans did not beg for foreign aid, they formed companies, started the railways, Iscor, Volkskas, Sanlam and others and created jobs and progress for themselves. They built an infrastructure of roads and railways which is in use to this day, although of course not maintained.

White South Africans managed to bridge the gap of linguistic differences and created a society where Afrikaans and English speaking people of European descend live peacefully together in a common cause. In claiming pride of these achievements, white South Africans are not arrogant, they are patriotic, responsible and conscientious of their role in South African history and their right to be here.

Why is it then that the black man, who stands in relation of almost 12 to 1 to the white man, and after nearly a quarter of a century in control of the entire country, should still feel so intimidated and overwhelmed by the white minority? What has the ANC and the black population done in 23 years to improve their own situation and catch up?

Hardly anything. Which leaves them only one opportunity to achieve equality and that is to pull down the white population. And that, in turn, raises the question: Is inequality based on own achievement worse than full equality based on regression?

The statement by the ANC committee is not insulting to white people at all, apart from a few liberal snowflakes who cannot really boast any acceptable contribution either. The statement, in fact, supports the belief that the creation of the multiculturalist state in which we so foolishly and unconvincingly attempt to ignore the difference between ethnic groups, is a failure. If it hasn’t succeeded in 25 years, it won’t succeed in 250 more. And statements such as those by the ANC not only confirm this opinion, it in fact serves as a motivation for white people to leave the failure of the New South Africa behind and look forward to a future where they start looking after their own interests for a change.

We have done our duty. We have created the opportunity for the ANC and the black man, we have supported it both politically and financially, we have tolerated abuse and blame and guilt. We are finished now, there is no hope for a prosperous future in the current political dispensation. And that is not arrogance, it is a relevant, current and will eventually also become a historical fact. After all, you can only be intimidated by the arrogance of another if you allow yourself to feel inferior to that.

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