Another useless expense for consumers planned

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Another useless expense for consumers planned
Another useless expense for consumers planned - Image - Die Vryburger

Disheartened consumers will probably have to put their hand relatively deep into their pockets soon to provide for new number plates on their vehicles.

The legislation on new license plates is likely to come into effect before the end of the year, and drivers will probably have to spend lots of money while someone will make plenty of money.

The Department of Transport has decided to standardize the country’s number plates. They also claim that the safety requirements of these plates are of such a nature that it will reduce alteration of number plates.

The new number plates will have a multitude of information, including a SABS stamp of approval, a full color image of the new South African flag, the name of the province under the flag, license number and license brand of the province, a four-dimensional Barcode that also contains the registration number of the number plate manufacturer and probably also the vehicle’s registration number. With all this information required, it is clear that the number plates will not be cheap to manufacture.

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