Another murder, for which this time will be paid

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According to an internal document of the DA, which was leaked to the media, the Helen Zille-issue hit the party very hard. The DA did a support poll and found that they have lost close to half of their supporters, while the ANC got back about 50% to 63% support. The EFF has also grown sharply since the debacle.

And so we learn a few things:

1) Mmusi Maimane made a big fool of himself through the Helen Zille’s Twitter comment, in which she said that not all aspects of colonialism were bad, and which raised a significant debate. You can argue as much as you want to, but what Zille said was true, and by fighting it, Maimane brings his appreciation of truth under suspicion.

2) After Zille said that the prosecution against her is based on being white, we must now recognize the inevitable for ourselves: multiculturalism fails. Even Helen Zille acknowledges that there is no racial harmony after 23 years of “equality”, then we can no longer deny that its existence is just a fantasy.

3) The DA will have to realize that the majority of white DA voters do not vote for DA support for their policies but from the false belief that the DA is the only alternative to the ANC. They are cruelly disillusioned. The DA offers no alternative, they are equally hopeless, and it is proved by their sad handling of the disasters in the Western Cape this year. And if they have to lose 50% of their support, then the DA’s expiry date is on hand. People who do not vote for a voice but tactically vote, change their view quite quickly.

4) the black vote that grew the DA in 2016, was not a vote for the DA, but a vote against Zuma. And those black voters are going to do one of two things: They will either vote against Zuma with a cross for Malema, or they will say: If Maimane cannot get rid of Zille without such a fight, it means he is a puppet for a white party seeking black votes, and I consent rather to the ANC again.

But the biggest lesson lies in the fact that the whole debate has proved that those who still believe in the rainbow nation …. is almost none. Evidently, the black voters rejected the concept and the white voter never actually accepted it. Only a few hardened white liberalists who are too scared to admit that the rainbow nation does not exist will propagate and defend it hysterically. Even Helen Zille agrees it was a failure.

The rainbow nation was killed in 2017 by the party who carried it the strongest. And for that murder, the ballot box will have to be accounted for in 2019 when the black voice will be with the ANC and EFF, and the white voice will hopefully be no more tactical but convincing.

Because herein we see that the black South African is already a little way ahead of us.

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