Animals Mutilated Burnt and exposed to Bestiality

Animals Mutilated Burnt and exposed to Bestiality

The cruel, sick acts of torturing animals should not be accepted in today’s society. Animals are burnt alive, or even buried alive, have their feet cut off, or tied to train tracks. Some animals are exposed to being boiled alive or killed as part of gang initiations.

The incompetent justice system in South Africa lacks efficiency to deal with criminal acts of animal abuse. Government authorities lack involvement to implement change. Justice needs to be done, and laws established. The crimes of brutally torturing animals should not be accepted.

Shocking stories are told of animal abuse and dog rape. Recently the shocking revelation from the Eastern Cape that dogs, goats, donkeys and chickens were subjected to bestiality by school children as young as five years old.

Perhaps the way the animals are slaughtered raises a concern. In Pretoria a year ago, on the side of the road, several people held onto a cow, which was slowly dehydrating and poked with a small knife to end its life. After several hours of torment, the cow dropped onto the ground, and the people jumped onto the animal to force the air from its body and started skinning the animal while still alive. Performing this act, in a public place without consideration for onlookers and quite happy to display their inhuman behavior.

The Soweto man who was captured on video assaulting a greyhound with a knobkerrie, as the animal howls in pain. Apparently the dog died from the injuries sustained. The man was arrested.

The Simmentaler cattle have historically been used for dairy and beef and as drought animals. A recent story about these valuable cattle surfaced on social media recently. How they had to be shot dead to stop the pain and suffering after being hacked and carved open. The cattle’s hocks were cut through to cripple them. Three bulls were found carved open; one had already bled to death.

The never ending stories of shooting cats with gas guns, and puppies chained all day long, often left without water. So the stories become a horror movie, the cruelty inflicted upon the animals does not end. There is no justice for animals in South Africa.

Watch the video of a man abusing an animal in Viljoenskroon, South Africa.(By Joel Smuts) – (Warning – Not for sensitive viewers)

By Laura Oneale
South Africa Today – South Africa News