ANC’s shock at Australia’s visa offer a laugh

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ANC’s shock at Australia’s visa offer a laugh
ANC's shock at Australia's visa offer a laugh

The ANC government’s shock regarding Australia’s visa offer to South African farmers is a laugh given its own contribution to the creation of the conditions that the Australian government is concerned about, namely cruel farm murders and expropriation without compensation.

This is the opinion of adv. Anton Alberts, chairman of FF Plus. He said the government simply could not believe the world would look away while they follow Zimbabwe and Venezuela as another failed governments.

“Indeed, the world is getting acquainted with the true communist nature of the ANC and therefore this party should not be surprised if spontaneous disinvestment starts taking place and other states begin to offer aid to targeted minorities.”

“The ANC must realize that many European countries, as well as Britain and America, are beginning to look skeptically and with concern at the ANC government, and similar actions of visa offers and disinvestment elsewhere can be expected.

“The only way in which the ANC can restore South Africa’s reputation in the world is to abandon the policy of expropriation without compensation, to combat farm murders with effective policing and to protect minority rights as fully confirmed citizens and to faseout Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA).

“If this does not happen, the world will hit South Africa with increasing distrust and investment and talented and hard working citizens will continue to leave the country,” said Adv. Alberts.

Meanwhile, the minister dealing with International Relations, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, has called that the Australian minister should withdraw the remarks that white people from South Africa are helped.

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